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Energy Healing

Various modalities of energy healing techniques include Reiki, Reflexology, Flower Essences, Astrology, Numerology, Pranic and Acupuncture. Some tools used by energy healers include crystals, herbs, healing stones and hands-on healing.

Emotional Healing

Emotional healing allows us to come to terms with events and circumstances which have occurred in our lives.  It help us to release past emotional blockages, we allow ourselves to grow and develop emotionally, on a deeper, more profound spiritual level.

Chakra Healing

No one chakra is better than the others or more important than any other in the process of energy body balancing and chakra healing. Ideally, all seven of your chakras are healed, balanced, open, and humming, allowing energy to flow into and out of your body.

Distance Healing

A healer can transmit the energy from energy portal to any location in the world and it is very effective. Healing energy can travel in no space in time universe work on energy, vibration and frequency, energy flow and healing effect is same as healing physical presence.

Astro Healing

The signs and situations of planets relative to zodiacs under which you were born tells a lot about your physical strengths and weaknesses. This enables the practitioner to diagnose the root cause of your issues effectively and work upon it in the best possible way.

The Five Elements

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water are interrelated aspects of energy that are evident throughout nature, including in the human body. All 5 elements physical, emotional, and spiritual existence of human beings just as they regulate the cycles of growth.

About Us

We are energy healers, who use holistic approaches to assist people in becoming naturally healthy individuals they are supposed to be.

While many healers are offering energy healing services of Touch Therapy, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Color Therapy, etc., there are some people who possess the traits of energy healer inherently. Such people are helping the others around them without even realizing it.
Spiritual healing is a process through which you can comprehend your mental, emotional, and physical self and eradicate negative states of mind while let positive states thriving. Negative energy is released as an outcome of different emotions, such as anxiety, anger, and fear. Spirituality helps in improving feeling of resiliency, equanimity and provides relief from various psychological symptoms.


Meet our Experts

Grandmaster Uma Datta Gupta Ji
Grand Master Uma D Gupta ji is a spiritual healer. She had spiritual inclination from childhood. She is working on goal to balance life energy for Humans and Animal from last 10 yrs. Her believes is that healing is natural gift from universe. It increase, if we share it with others. She will be happy to help you in balancing your Body, Mind and Soul. For getting healing session from her please contact her.
Grandmaster Indira Ji
Grand Master Indira Sudhakaran Ji did her Grandmaster in 1999. She is blessed with spiritual power to heal peoples from vedic mantra and switchword healing. She has done mass public spiritual healing and teaching. She has proved her healing skills in various occasion from last 10 yrs. She is expert in healing physical, emotional and spiritual body. For getting healing session from her please contact her.
Master Nitin Kaushik Ji
Master Nitin kaushik Ji is a Astrologer, Numerologist and healer. He does healing with different applications like Reiki, Pranic and Pendulum healing. He believes that we face issues in our life due to past and present life karmas. Healing help us to recognize the bad karmas and by doing remedies for the same help us to heal and grow in our present life. For getting healing session from him please contact her.
Master TatyanaJi
Master Tatyana Ji Lives in USA. She is good in Taro, Pendulum, Reiki & Akashik reading. She does distance healing. She believe that healing is a gift and we should share it with others. She has done Akashik reading for present life aggression and issues, for which people have understand the causes of it by Akashik Reading. For getting healing session from her please contact her.

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